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Hello Dear Swa, Hope you are liking the air of Bengaluru. Welcome back! New age to you this year cradles with a new phase, lifestyle, and change. Hoping the best for you and am always here to help you shine. Here is a small gift to you to let you mark the date for a new beginning bound to be successful. "One has the name that's a shining star, Caters to all, like a shooting star, A light full of values that has no par, She's forged above all, bears the universe's scar... Everyone's beloved, she keeps them at heart, Knows nothing but kindness to even those that try
to tear her apart, Wonders, what in the universe is her part, Brightens the life of everyone in her circle, right from the start... Being lucky is her own highway, The real lucky is the one, who crosses her way, Cause she holds the cozy summer breeze, supposed to come in May, God did his best, with her he knew his art slay..." P.S. Out of my touches but could concoct a couple of adjoined sentences. Bear with this, for now, better to follow. Happy Birthday, Swa. A wonderful year filled with joy, peace, happiness, and laughter. With Best Wishes, Abhi
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