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My dearest Author, September 13th 1944 I wonder how you are getting on back home. I feel I definitely should write you again, also I have written two or three times recently so you may get them together. We have been better off again as regards potatoes and other foods for we have had a great quantity of stores I shall be so relived to receive a letter from you my darling. I cannot help but feel a great anxious feeling. I know how you must of felt my darling, when you did not revive my letters for so long although
there is not much news to tell you, we have recently landed in Russia. If only we could be together soon my dear, I'd give anything to be back to you, I'm so sure that I'm coming back to you after this terrible war is over. The radio is playing 'if I could be with you one hour tonight' frankly I do not know what has come over me. All I know is that I want to be with you Even after your last letter, I just would like to see you. I have recently witnessed the worst of the
worst, Its coming my darling, and I do not know if ill make it through. Jews are being beaten on the street, Allies are bombing the cities, and the poor poor shop keepers are getting their stores trashed. All that was it for me. Well darling I don't know much more to say now, so will close with fondest love and kisses from your loving fiancé. Emily. P.S. Cheer up darling, and don't worry about me. I am quite alright, only anxious to get your letters. There is good news in the papers. Love from Amber
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