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In the whispering winds, a prophecy unfolds, A tale of secrets, ancient and untold. Seek the seer's guidance, her vision bright, To find an elven man, cloaked in twilight. Hidden behind books, under'neath the moons gaze, The pages of wisdom, locked in a haze. A book of lore, bound with mystic might, Holding truths that shape both day and night. Beneath her roof, the lost find rest, Amidst the ghosts, the curious guest. With lanterns dim and whispers cold, Seek the answer that lies untold. Gather the fragments of the tale, A puzzle solved, a victory unveiled. In the elven man, the wisdom
lies, To mend the realms and bridge the skies. Trust the seer, her visions true, For destiny's path, she'll guide you through. Together, as one, the quest you'll brave, To find the book, the realm to save.
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