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In the late 1800s, Charles Holladay, a wealthy merchant, settled in the Aurora area and built a grand estate on the outskirts of town. The estate was home to Charles' vast collection of rare and exotic artifacts, which he had acquired during his travels around the world. One day, Charles discovered a treasure trove of artifacts that he knew would be the envy of collectors worldwide. He decided to bring the treasure back to his estate and buried it somewhere on the property, entrusting the secret of its location to only a select few. Over the years, the estate
changed hands several times, and eventually, the property was acquired by Lindvest, a prominent real estate developer. Lindvest bought the estate land and built many houses, including the one located at 116 Holladay Drive in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. The house was purchased by the Chan family, who had no knowledge of the treasure buried on their property. Years went by, and the treasure remained hidden, with only a handful of people knowing of its existence. However, rumors began to spread, and soon the treasure became the stuff of legend among the locals. One day, you guys, all detectives from the
York Region Police Department stumbled upon an old reward poster in the archives of the department. The reward was for anyone who could find the hidden treasure of Charles Holladay, which was believed to be hidden somewhere on the property at 116 Holladay Drive. Intrigued by the mystery, you decided to investigate further and set out to find the treasure.
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