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I know things have been going rough these past few days, I can see that it is a struggle. Many things have happened that we have little control over, and it’s sometimes hard to come to an understanding with that in ourselves. During these trying times, I’m proud to have you with me to help me stay levelheaded, most of the time at least. Whatever happens, don’t worry for me, I’ll finally be at peace. I know you all have seen it, that I am broken inside. It can be unsettling to witness at times, I’m sure. But know that
if I fall, I will no longer be tormented with the violence raging in my mind. Thank you, so much, for staying with me through it all. For what it’s worth, my ailment has taught me a lesson through all this that I find you may have use to. Many things happen around us, and to us, that are outside of our control. Do not be controlled by the emotions that erupt from these events. You cannot control them, and so they should not control you. Steel yourself to the world and let it wash over you like a rock,
steady against the tide. Do not let these things control you over fear of them. Fear only leads to a dark path. To anger, to hatred, to violence and vendetta. Learn to control yourself, as I could not, and you will be free.
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