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The misty fog crept across the desolate landscape enveloping everything in its grasp with a deadly grip. The moon was hidden behind thick clouds, casting a gloomy and eerie glow over the town of Vinefort. The streets were deserted, with only the sound of the wind howling through the trees to maintain the company. In the center of the town stood a dark and foreboding castle, its turrets stretched toward the sky like the fingers of a giant. The walls were made of rough hewn stone, with ivy growing on its sides in a macabre embrace. It was known as Vinefort
Castle, and for centuries, it has been the source of many gruesome legends. It was said that the castle was haunted by the ghosts of the people who had suffered and died within its walls. The walls were still echoed with their anguished screams and their spirits still roamed the castle, seeking revenge on the living. Many people dared to enter the castle in search of the truth, but none had ever returned.
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