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Hi my sky, my home<3 (im not good at words soo.. ) Home for me was a black forms full of shattering glass, one wrong step and you'll bleed, then you came:)), but I was wrong all along; home wasn't something I was terrified of; it's where I can feel safe and at ease. Home to me isn't hell, but heaven's arch where angels sing lovely harmony. Love is truly something else; up until it hits you, it seems weird. Just almost everything appears pink. Cheers to us, bubb let's do this together. Maybe love isn't only about happiness, it can
sometimes be cruel but let's try to survive every storm that tries to topple the barrier we built to keep others out. ready to live a life with me? because I am more ready I can't wait to have you beside me through ups and downs, I'm willing to risk it all with you, but I won't make any promises. Instead, I'll do everything I can to earn your trust and make you want to spend the rest of your life with me. ill cherish every moment with you, I love you so much my constant happy 1st <3
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