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Having identified the just city and the just soul; Glaucon & Ademantus join forces with Polemarchus & Thrasymachus to press Socrates into more information explaining family life in the ideal state. Socrates states that men & women should receive the same education & to fulfill the same roles in society. Though men & women have different natures & different natures have different pursuits, the difference between man & women, specifically physical strength, doesn't restrict women from participating in society as guardians, laborers or even soldiers. It is in the best interest of the state for both men & women to be
as good as possible, therefore, both men & women must be educated. Marriage and Child Bearing State should arrange festivals where random peoplecan engage in sexual intercourse with each other. When the woman gives birth she will not know who the father is & nurses will take the newborn and put it with other newborns so that the mother will not know which baby is hers. According to Socrates, the result of the process is that everyone will acknowledge all the citizens of the state as their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons. A person within such a state as
Socrates describes will apply these feelings of kinship to all citizens rather than to a few. Then the strong bond of kinship will be used to unite all citizens towards a common end. Only specific types of men & women are to procreate. Like men take care of the breeding of their dogs & horses, so too should they take care of the breeding of men, preventing the quality of men to deteriorate. The best of both sexs should be united as often as possible. & inferior with the inferior as infrequently as possible if the state is to maintain
in first-rate condition.
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