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Mayalu,Happy 3 monthiversary?? Today It's been 3 months since we became one, we chose each other as life partners. These 3 months didnt feel like 3 months time passes so fast when its about you and me hope we grow the same way for years to come. In these 3 months we have learnt about each other more, what we like and what we don't. We improved each other for making us more compatible and also for ourselves as a better human. You teach me soo many good things and right things. Not in a million years i wouldve thought i
would get a life partner like you. I really wanna thank God for gifting me with this beautiful gift. God really saw me struggling and sent me this perfect girl. I dont want to mess this up. I want this to last forever. Mayalu, without you i cant imagine my future anymore u are the one for me mayalu. Mayalu I wanna request you euta kura never leave me cause without you i cant imagine my life. You have become such a important part in my life. If something is ever wrong say it to me ill always give my
best to satisfy your problems and always be there for you. Never worry about me living im always here for you your biggest supporter. Lastly mayalu its just a begining of this beautiful journey, beautiful story. This has just begun we have whole our lives in front of us. We really have to fulfill our dreams and goal we have set. I believe together we can and we will succeed together. Mayalu i just wanna say never reduce ur love for me, Never leave me any problem u have communicate to it to me ill make sure we find a solution
for it. Iloveyouthemost mayalu?? -Your mayalu??
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