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07/02/2021Mahnoor my Love, It’s been exactly one year since we had our Nikkah. The past year has been a challenging one. Corona, lockdown, long distance, Visa issues, planning, time management. Our ship was also rocked by a few storms but Alhamdulilah we have overcome every challenge that has come towards us and Insha’Allah we shall continue to overcome any other challenge that may come in the future. I think this is how a true character of a relationship is built, this is how you develop a long lasting bond because nothing feels better than overcoming a challenge together like a team
and surviving. We have both made mistakes and learnt from them. That’s exactly what a strong team does, always makes amendments and bounces back strongly. I am proud to say I have a wonderful life partner who is giving  their all. In this year I have seen that you have been very consistent with your efforts, Love, kindness and the way you conduct yourself with me. You have been very accommodating and adaptable. I think it’s great how we are both consistently working on ourselves for the benefit of our future. May Allah make us successful in making us the best for each
other, Aameen. Although long distance is a little painful It’s also good because we have this opportunity to understand each other deeper and have the opportunity to alter anything that might bother us before we officially start living together. If we can clear out all the niggles beforehand then we can spend more of our time enjoying life with each other once we’re together. I am so grateful to have you as my life partner. Everyday bit by bit you demonstrate that you are the right person for me. If I was to list all the compliments that come to mind
when I think of you I would have to write a book of many pages but for now I want to acknowledge some of my favourite ones. First of All I think you’re very beautiful Masha’Allah, everything about you is beautiful, your warm mellow ambience, your velvety skin, your glowy eyes, your gorgeous smile, your soothing voice, your delicate lips, your gentle touch, every feature of yours head to toe, hair to nails are a work of art and I am always in awe when I look at you Masha’Allah. I could never get bored staring at you, especially when
you smile. You’re not just beautiful from the outside, you have exhibited many times what a graceful soul you are. You are ethical, you have moral values, you are caring, you’re committed, your mindset is progressive, you’re intelligent, creative and mature and the best thing about you is you are humble in understanding that like everyone else there is still a lot to learn in life. With you, I look forward to growing and evolving into an even better human being. Everyone has flaws, I have mine too and because I love you genuinely I am working on my self to
get rid of these flaws as soon as possible. The beginning of anything big is usually messy and takes time but once the foundation is set you can even build the worlds tallest building on it. So I think this year has been a foundation year for us both. We both got to discover each other a little deeper, we both learnt more about each other, we both identified areas we both need to work on, we both acknowledged our shortcomings and we both want to become the best for each other. I think our communication is excellent and that
is going to be the key to a successful marriage. I look forward to growing a solid, loving, healthy relationship with you. A relationship filled with warmth, positivity, growth, love & care. My intentions for you are pure my Jaan. I love you so much Mahnoor. I mean every word I’m writing here. May Allah bless you with a long happy life. I will do whatever is required to be the best Husband possible. Whether it’s watching make up tutorials with you, being your 007 bodyguard while taking you to the washwoom, chilling with you underneath your fort, munching snacks
with you at 3am or taking 20 selfies at each destination we visit around the World. I just cannot wait to experience life with you. I wanna shower you with the most beautiful moments. If you ever feel I can improve on something please feel free to let me know. My goal is to make your life as enjoyable as possible. In return all I expect from you is real support, honesty and loyalty. I cannot wait to be with you. I miss everything about you and it honestly sucks being far from you. This corona, long distance, random storms
have not really allowed us to officially start our lives together yet but baby the day it begins Im gonna love you so hard and live happily every after Insha’Allah!P.s I really wish I was there to celebrate today with you but we will need to wait just a little while longer. Stay strong my Jaan. In the meanwhile I have sent you a few packages filled with love. I hope you like them, Happy 1st Year Anniversary My Mahnoor, My Jaan, My Love.I love you ??Yours, Omar
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