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dearest love, happiest 21 baby. happy 21 years of cherishing you and your kind soul. i wish so many more birthdays where i get to tell you i love you. thankyou so much for staying on this world till today, doodsie. i know how many times and how much you wanted to disappear in all these years but i am immensely proud of you having made it till here. i am so proud of you for handling everything that ever came your way so gently. i am proud of you for being so considerate and kind even in the toughest times with
the toughest people. i cannot put into words the love i hold for you and your soul, doodsie. your soul is a work of art, baby. all that i see in you is kindness and consideration. your fingers are so gentle. your arms are beautifully strong. i love how your dark skin shines like gold in the sun. your eyes are full of genuinity. and how i love your lips. how i love kissing you for eternities. despite anything, despite despite itself, i will forever love you. i cannot snatch you out of my heart and bones. ever, baby. those few moments i
had in your arms and those few moments i had when our hearts were the closest to each other are the moments i wish to preserve in a heart shaped locket and wear around my neck. did you know, doodsie, that you appear as an angel? did you know you look like a dream? did you know i cannot ever stop myself from coming back to you? i love you, gautam sharma. i love you.
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