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greetings. The last attempt at uprooting the Hierarchy of this town was an Embarrassment. You All should Regret the performances Exhibited. not Only was it the wrong target but you left a witness and killed a guard and Not just any guard. he as The Oldest son of the guard captain. this is Unacceptable. Still, We are running behind schedule. Evidently our task will be far more difficult Now that Every guard is on alert. Exterminate all those who Distract from Our job. Nevertheless we have been Lucky thus far. the group the guards have sent after us are entirely incompetent.
they continue to look in all the wrong spots Yet Our luck may be running out. we must act sooner rather than later. let us Not forget the longer we wait the more more the nobles will raise the yearly taxes for the people. it is deplorable how nobles Eat More times in a day than the Ordinary serf does in a week. nothing will change unless we are successful in getting Revenge. the peoples livelihoods depend Entirely on us Prevailing. Interferences will be Expected from the group the guards Called upon. now allow me to Explain tonight's plan, tonight at
the market gathering we will Undergo the final Step of our plan. at the two hour mark they will begin the auction. Eventually The drayden Heir will Entertain the townsfolk with the weekly auction. once he begins the final Sell we Can use that opportunity to attack. no one will have time to React. Only the death of that Laughable noble will Liberate this from the never-ending greed of the Wealthy. the town will recover Eventually . More people will thrive Until then Someone should Take over for the Noble. as the One who Thought up the majority of this
plan it would be Foolish not to nominate myself. first we must Attend to the Imperative operation. we can discuss exact details Later when we meet before it all begins,
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