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G.R.S. to the hon Mg H.H.N. in the year 2832 A.V. Magister, your calculations were correct, and we were able to find what was left of the Storm Lord's Blessing at the bottom of Stormbreaker's Bay. While the Vihar were not particularly hospitable towards us, they were all the same eager for us to take what we were looking for far away from their homelands. They claim their waters have been cursed by the evilness of the object. As for the object itself, once we had successfully located the ship, it almost fell into our laps. Such a small, unremarkable thing!
It fits easily in the palm of my hand and I couldn't say what metal it is made of - sometimes it appears to be sleek silver, then platinum, and when the light hits it just so it almost looks like a cube of pure mithril. And its powers, magister! Of course, it is as fickle as the other one, affecting only what it would like to affect, just as the other shows only, what it would like to show. But that feral elf-child that the captain insists on keeping around and that almost bit off Claudio's ear last week
is sweet and tame as a deer in its presence. Now we have two but think, what we could do with all five! Truth, Spark, Will, Veil and Clay finally reunited in the hands of a capable man could shape the world to our liking! But I dream, magister. For now, I will do as instructed and keep it hidden until you call me forth again. I remain your greatest admirer and most loyal student. G.
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