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FIELD REPORT The 27th Day of the 6th Month of the 2343rd Cycle. SUBJECT: PLAGUE MAGICKAS IN USE AGAINST TROOPS AGENTS ON SCENE: ADHERENT A.B. ADHERENT A.I. While surveying a fort on the border of the so called Lattish Empire, troops were assaulted by a beast in the form of a grizzly bear, with tentacles. This 'ferryman' is evidently a banditry group who have apparently sided with Latteras for coin. This particular summoner used plague magicks. A priestess of Ramiel evidently knows whom this summoner is and where he is located. Was not able to provide us with exact information when asked. Possible affiliation
with rogue elements considered, but put to rest with a reassuring vow from A.B. Further investigation and questioning is required. Ramiel is Great, Blessed are We Under His Light. Death to all Infidels. -A.I.
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