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Father and Evan, I'm sorry that I can't explain things to you both in person, but if you had seen me, it would have fucked up time quite a bit. The most simple explanation is that you both died and because neither of your deaths caused neither of your deaths cause to important of a chain reaction, I decided to go back in time 13 years and save you both. If you're mad at me, blame Barty, he's the one that gave me the idea. The manor you're in currently is under my name and is hidden by the fidelius charm, the only
people who know of it's whereabouts are myself, Narcissa, Sirius, and now, you both. I suppose I can include Kreacher on that list but I figured that's a given. I've asked Kreacher to get you food at the beginning of each month as well as teach you to cook because he's not your maid. The town in which the manor is located are all muggle, I checked, so it's safe to leave. I'm sure this will not be easy for either of you, being away from us, it definitely wasn't easy for me, dad, and Barty, but it's the best way to
ensure you're both safe and not mess up the timeline. I'll come back for you in 13 years, well for me it'll be 2 days because I have not slept in a week but you get the point. I know it seems like a long time but I don't really think it is. I'm sure you would have found it eventually but I thought I'd tell you that there's a scrying mirror in the attic, I don't want you both to miss anything while you're in hiding. I love you both and I miss you more than I can even say. Ton petit
dragon, Artemis Black
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