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We arrived in Chult today. Our mission is to track down the origins of the death curse. It is hot and wet. So many dinosaurs in the city! We visited the Temple of Savras today, since he is the god of diviners, fortune tellers, and truthtellers. We met Grandfather Zitembe, asked about the source of the death curse and convinced him to “consult the guides.” Returned to the temple of Savras today, to learn what the Grandfather Zitembe divined. He reported visions of city in the jungle, “far to the south” swarming with snakes, surrounded by cliffs, and also
of “a black obelisk” wrapped in vines Hired Salida as our guide today, and are heading out into the jungle tomorrow. It continues to be oppressively hot, and I am fair sick of rain. Yesterday a blue mist arose. Ilyra, impulsive as ever, walked straight into it and began experiencing hallucinations. I wish she would be more careful. We were attacked today by ghouls with a blue triangle on their foreheads. Somehow Salida’s attacks never managed to hit them. Maron was knocked unconscious. Last night I thought I saw Salida speaking to a stone she held in her hand. Odd, that….
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