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Dear You, As you receive this gift, I just want to let you know that this was already planned last month pa but I did not really have the opportunity to give this. I'm pretty sure that this is kind of shocking in a way for you because it's kind of a big deal HAHAHAHA. As I've said before, I don't usually do or make promises but this one's an exception. Maybe it's too early to say considering that we haven't really even met personally but I'm willing to take the chance anyway. I hope this doesn't pressure you or make
you feel uncomfortable and if it does ky do let me know okay? You don't have to wear it or something and you can just keep it somewhere or whatever lang. This is just me showing my appreciation and letting you know how I feel and where I want this to go in the future. Thank you again for sticking by gihapon after all this time. congratulations Ms. Dean's lister. Just a little more struggle and hard work nalang before everything falls into place. I hope you appreciate this simple gift of mine. Take good care always qt.
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