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Dear Wright-Knight family, I am writing this testimony with a heavy heart and a conscience burdened by the weight of my actions. It is with deep regret that I confess to attempting to abscond with the esteemed Wright-Knight family fortune, driven by misguided intentions and avarice. In my pursuit of wealth, I engaged in devious schemes, exploiting vulnerabilities within your family's trust. I shamefully sought to exploit the very bonds that held your legacy together, jeopardizing the hard-earned prosperity you have built over generations. I understand the gravity of my transgressions and the irreparable damage I have caused to your family's honor. I
am truly sorry for betraying the trust bestowed upon me, and I accept full responsibility for my reprehensible actions. In light of my misdeeds, I willingly submit myself to the consequences of my choices. I hereby express my willingness to be excommunicated from the Wright-Knight family, acknowledging that my presence tarnishes the sacred unity that has defined your lineage. May my sincere apology serve as a meager attempt to rectify the harm I have caused. I hope that, in time, forgiveness may find a place in your hearts, even as I accept the just repercussions of my betrayal. Sincerely, Reginald Figglebottom
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