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Dear Timmy, Sorry I'm not delivering this package myself, I kinda got wrapped up into something that has me here for let's say a few days...maybe a week, but don't worry. I found some new companies who seem like a might crew, I might have them as my shipmates when I get my own ship, expect one of them he gets on my nerves. He's so selfish and snotty, if he's not careful he's going to get himself killed, but you know me can't let that happen cause I care to much I guess. Anyways I miss you a lot, I miss
you're cooking..the booze I can't wait to have a drinking battle with Yorik again that was fun. Also tell Randy I'll kick his shit in if he breaks another table with one of his drunk bar fights again. I hope this letter finds you, if you see Cass around tell her I wanna catch back up on some stuff. Also be safe at night been hearing about alot of bandits recently don't wanna have to come safe you ya big lug. I have so much stories to tell you when I get back so you better have a big plate
of my favorite and be ready for an ear full. Write me back soon so I know you're safe. Love Giddles.
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