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Dear Saloua, I hope you had fun on our first date. I'm writing this from the past. Because I wanna share some words with you in the old fashioned way. For me, I'm meeting you tomorrow (if there's no thunderstorm) so hopefully it worked out. So, tell me, how did it go? Did you had fun? Did I do something embarrassing or did I actually behaved? Anyways, I hope you had fun and I really, really hope I didn't messed-up, it would be a pity to separate ways now that I'm so curious about you. If everything was right, you may
receive this letter at the end of our date. Soon enough to let you digest my real self. I have to admit, I haven't met someone like you ever! And I know it sounds quite generic but it's true. I'm really happy I'm getting to know you better and I'm even happier about all the things I have found in you so far. I truly believe time is wise, everything happens for a reason and meeting you for sure it's not a coincidence. I truly believe there's a spark here and I wanna keep it shinning. I think we should
keep seeing each other. Even if it's once per month when the weather is gentle with us. There's so much music I wanna share with you, so much things I wanna show you and there's definitely a lot of you that I wanna discover. You just stepped into dark waters. I'm stubborn and for sure I'm not gonna be satisfied with just one date, so you better shape up because this is just getting started. With love, Your number one fan, Mickael.
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