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Dear [Redacted], We have killed over 4000 Jews in Mainz, ransacked their homes, and stole what we could. I killed Jews just for a sack of rice. I never imagined a “Holy” Crusade would mean innocent Jews dying at the hands of us Crusaders. I only joined this Crusade to be forgiven of my sins and to open the borders of Jerusalem, so Cologne can go back to being the trading city it was known for. The Jews did nothing wrong, yet we preyed on them knowing they were innocent. I do not think this crusade is as holy
as they say. Killing the innocent in the name of God is something I never intended I would do, but if it will get us to Jerusalem... I will do it. Innocent Christians were killed in churches as they prayed, and I refuse for it to go unavenged. The Turks will pay for their crimes, and for taking control of Jerusalem for themselves. Please, take care of Mistress [redacted] while I am gone. I cannot wait to return home to [redacted], and [redacted]. I miss them very much. Sincerely, [Redacted].
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