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Dear. New Adventurer...Well howdy hey hope your having a Good day friend! The name's Nathaniel Cloudberry I'm Cleric of life and a well rounded tree hugger and if your receiving this message then that means you signed up to travel and be a member of the Saltrock Expedition Team! located all the way in the beautify tropical continent of Maza. Now Im very aware of Maza reputation being that it's practically run by monsters and all but i assure you, dispite what Maza might seem like on the outside it sure as heck makes up for in its diverse cast
of characters and culture. Now than before I go into further into detail I'm sure you must be wondering as to what being a member of this group entails, and although i can't tell much just yet, what i will tell is that you'll be part of a group of fellow adventurers much like yourself, and i'm sure that when you all meet up with for the first time you'll get along just fine. Now before i leave you off when you get to the port of Saltrock via boat or whatever means you should make your way to the
building with the big wooden charry on it you can't miss it, when you get there ask for Ms. Saint she an apprentice of mine and she'll fill you in on the rest of the details. Now i know this message doesn't exactly give you to mush insight as to what your getting yourself into but rest assure Maza is a place of opportunity and besides what kind of adventure isn't started by a leap of faith. PS: You probably noticed the pouch of gold and trinket or two, just consider that a gift from me to you ;)Sincerely; Nathaniel Cloudberry..
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