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Dear my everything, It has been a year that I've been watching, listening and enjoying the video of you playing the guitar and singing. Not only I haven't get fed up with it, each time I watch it as if it's the first time that I'm listening, As if it's the first time that you sing for me, As if it's the first time that you look it me with that precious smile on your face I feel shy and at the same time I can feel the warmth of your presence around my heart which keeps telling me "You're safe!" My heart used to
be unsure about this strange feeling the first few months; Some define this as a disturbance in body's chemical substances. Others have proven that it's the side effects of high amount of adrenaline or such hormones released. Poets call it insanity, madness or mania and authors believe that it never comes to a happy ending. But they all believe it's the same thing And it's called "LOVE". For many years, decades and centuries people have been searching for the real meaning of this word and I haven't been an exception! I had always wondered what true love is and how can one notice
it when it comes! I found the answer when I wasn't even searching. I found you 1 year and 1 month ago and then all of a sudden there was no "me" anymore; It was all "you"! I've found love in your eyes. After that, I've learned to live by your words, I've tasted the heaven by your lips and I've found my home in your arms. And for all of them, I am thankful. Happy our 13th month together I wish to have you forever and after that
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