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Dear My Beloved, Karla, its felt like ages since I've last seen you. How have you been? how has the menacing Mexican sun been treating you? Oh how I'd die to be just one of the blazing rays touching your soft, dazzling skin. Ruby speaks of you often and daily, she's been building a shrine in your honor in her nook. She misses you very much, as do I. Oh please do come back to us soon Karla my love. I shall vow, here and now, to save one plastic baby everyday from
the evil ferret king, Yubr, in your honor my love. I've found some things ruby's been hiding, it seems she hasnt been fully truthful in her involvment with Yubr. I grow more weary each day. I do hope this letter riches you my sweet. Until next time. Yours truly, Seki
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