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Dear mother, I am writing to you now from the Anglo-Russian Hospital, I keep on seeing more and more soldiers coming into the hospital, as more and more soldiers keep on getting injured, I’m scared that I will have to go to the front lines as well. I ask my brother and he say if the time comes, they will have to fight anyways, I don’t want to fight. I’ve never been in the trenches and I hope I never will have to, all the blood, gun sounds, bodies and chaos everywhere, why did I come here into the battlefield.
This is nothing but death and useless sacrifice. This war has no end in sight, my and my brother is trying our best to stay alive but at this rate I feel like the only way to end the war is if everyone dies. Everyday we people keep on rushing into the front lines with no end of sight and everyday both sides lose lots of men, so much casualties and yet the commanders and generals are still making us go the same and die. Everyone is blinded by the thought of victory which is impossible to achieve, no matter
how strong we can be victory is no longer a true thing, even if we kill all of them did we win? Or did we just not die. Honestly now I don't even know what I don't even know what I should do anymore. Soon I will be going into the front lines, there has been too much casualties and now even people like me and my brother is needed in the front lines, I don't know if I will be able to make it back alive, so if you don't hear news from me or my brother after the
war ends I am probably dead already and there is no point of being sad because I did that i came to do. As long as you and my sister stays alive I can rest in piece. For my whole life i don't think I've really accomplished anything, so i hope you will forgive me and live on with or without me. I want you to know that i will love you and our family no matter what, even though i came here because of my family i think ive finally done something worth living for. I love you, Matvey.
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