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Dear Miss Grader, Wow! 25 years already? Really? It seems like last Thursday when I first encountered this tall, beautiful, fearless, cheeky-looking, 16 years old girl folding cheap, cash & carry paper napkins under the inquisitive scrutiny of a relentless, good-hearted polish manageress in a hidden corner of a hidden restaurant at just another tatty hotel in the south of England, aka the sunshine coast or "God's waiting room". I call it home now. Our Mecca. What a wonderful coincidence! Who on earth would think back in that pre-Brexit spring day that this young lady from a completely different world would
become not long after such an essential pillar in my life? Although we were in a hostile land, populated by hell-born, malicious, wicked managers, we enjoyed and learned more than ever before and very soon we became inseparable. Uña y carne. It didn't take me too long before realising the amazing potential of that conspicuous girl. I fell short in my predictions. Kind, empathetic, caring, good-hearted, brave, intelligent, independent yet crazy, proud, fun, messy, loud, and stubborn. An extraordinary, unique, and delicate balance that surprisingly I never came across before. Yin and Yang. During these remarkable years, I found myself returning to
the platonic cave, reshaping many of my ideas and beliefs. Her shadows were persistently there, in that wall. There is something of her in my ideals of justice, pure love, joy, courage, happiness. She represents everything that is good in my world. That cute girl has now become an amazing young woman and I have been lucky enough to have her in my life during all these years. You, Miss Grader, have been part of my life for almost a decade. During all this time, you have always been there to support me and lift me when the rest was crumbling,
with unwavering loyalty. Thinking of you always brings me joy and an honest smile besides precious memories of long and insane talks, surrealistic moments, unrestrained laughter, or flying backpacks. I could go on for many more pages yet, but I just wanted to send you all my love and my best wishes on this important milestone as I cannot be with you. Your 25th birthday! In dog years, you would be dead already. Think about it! Crazy, is not it? I wish all your dreams, goals and projects come true. I do not need to do so though as I am
certain you will achieve everything you want in your life. Please remember that I will always be there (wherever I am) for you, watching your back. Hope you have an amazing birthday! I hold you dearly in my thoughts and I am looking forward to seeing you again Lil' Chori. Yours devotedly and lovingly, Binsky Reyes Allergen information: This letter may contain traces of Kenzo pour Homme and Spanish fluids
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