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Dear Emperor Franz Joseph, Regarding the annexing of the provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I believe this annexing to be one pretty bad decision as issues may arise due to the amount of Serbs in those regions. For example, it is very likely that a war or a revolt might take place after the annexing has ended. Within the past few years Serbia has gained an insurmountable amount of power and conquering one of their “territories” would be of no good. Their influence on the Serbs living in our country is more than enough to make them start one of these types
of protests. Moreover, Serbia is bordering Bosnia and Herzegovina and the annexation of these regions would create tension amongst the regions adjacent to them. On the one hand we have the possibility of terrorist groups forming as a result of this decision.On the other hand many benefits also come with the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the key factor for a prosperous economy is the ability to trade and to obtain raw materials. If the annexation is successful, coastlines will be available for us to start making ports. Using these ports will expand our capabilities of commerce and allow Austria-Hungary
to explore other continents and expand territories even more. It is very important that you think thoroughly about the actions you are about to take because annexing these territories will help us gain coastline yet the Serbs living within Bosnia and Herzegovina are most likely to resist and fight, and many problems may arise as a result. Make the right choice, Ernst Ritter
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