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Dear elf, I am writing this letter with the hope that receive on your birthday. I have put my trust in the hands of the international mail service. If It is destiny’s will, it is my pleasure to wish you the best of birthdays my beloved elf. Even if my gift from last year could be perceived by you as the greatest expressions of affection driven by the finest of musical pieces tunned to my heart’s beat, believe me, never my soul has been so exultant to deliver such wishes to your person, in the past as a friend, and in
the present as my universe. While last year my mind was thinking about the best way for the hand writing you this letter to drag against the canvas, brush in hand, to make a birthday wish worthy of your status, this year it is thinking about a future, a future built by us and for ourselves. How our lives will interleave together like the strings of your dress amidst the smell of pizza, the sound of the Mediterranean Sea and the heat of a single candle. People said I am a dreamer, that it will not be easy. Travelling several thousand
kilometres by feet, on the back of a horse or even by the speediest of ships is not an easy task. Judging from what we have achieved so far, what you have achieved with your academic conquests, I hold no doubts about you being able to get the papers that will mark the start of a new journey together. Hold tight my love, and never forget that I will be doing my part every single day to complete this endeavour, for this year and the ones to come. Sincerely, Your elven lover.
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