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Dear David, Ive been thinking about you and how much i enjoy being around you. you are like nobody i've ever met. you make me feel appreciated and seen. when i am with you everything comes to a holt and the only thing that matters is you and me. i know i've made mistakes and i want to make it up to you and show you that i have learned from the mistakes i made and would never take advantage of you. Ive always realized how good i have it with you. Being apart from you my mind and my soul
yearns you. I don't even feel like myself because of how much i hurt you. There are absolutely no excuses for my behavior experiment, mistake or not and I take full responsibility for fucking up what we have. Even though I only knew you for a couple of weeks when i am with you in your arms i forget all about time. the conversations i have with you are like no other you understand my soul and my mind. It might take a lifetime to forgive me but I will wait a lifetime for you. I cry for you not
because of me feeling guilty but because my actions have caused you pain and i will never want to hurt you ever again. Apart of me broke because that was not me. I swear I will do everything in my power to make it up to you If you do decide that you want to take things slow. Love, Yahssinia Waters
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