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Dear cirice, I'm glad you like the letter. I was thinking on giving this letter a theme but I just couldn't incorporate the right colours. I'm hoping nextime i will. By the way,Your drawing is so pretty!I always have a huge respect for artist who could do watercolor and panting traditionally. I find it hard sometimes to colour with watercolor so I'm Mostly digital drawing too. Oh and about Vintage stuff? I do collect some off it. But mostly Stationary vintage. I'm hopping once I moved out of the house and got my own room I could collect Antique stuff. I'm also obsessed with Stamp!
specially just like you said An antique Stamp. I love the idea of that. I also some north pole stamp with the other goodies.It's not much but next time i could give you different colours once my Wax beads came in. I've checked your shop! you're doing great! hoping I could go through there someday. I always love the idea od Witchy, Constellation as well as related to astrology it always peak my interest. For now I don't have any tarot cards but I'm about to make one soon. I have crystals thats I bought from local shop. Day by Day I'm trying
to learn more about them. One of the song that you showed me "I will follow him" is one of the song I've listen to while growing up. I always heard it on the radio. Anyways,I like the washi's you've sent me. I'm giving you some of mine as a return with a Bookmark. It's not much since I'm still collecting more of it. By the way, How's the weather there? in france I'm curious since I don't Whether you experience Colder Weather or Hotter Or maybe Neutral? I really wanted to visit France and getting know a little bit more about your country
could get me ready on how to deal with it. I don't wanna search it up and I prefer getting information to people who actually live there. You won't mind telling me more about France right? haha Anyway, hope your having a great day when you received this letter. No sad face when reading my letter! Excited to hear from you soon. Take care and Have a nice day! Cheers, Vina
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