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Dear Chuckles, Nying hopes letter finds Chuckles somehow. Nying thinks King Augustin from Soldra can find Chuckles. Nying has bad news, Chuckles. Nest was wrecked 3 days ago. Nying wanted to fight but elders told her to go. Nasty human nestwrecker hurt Nying but got away. Nestwrecker said "Huh, so his daughter really was still alive." Then Nying escaped. Nying met magical dog. Dog healed Nying and she nicknamed dog "Moon". But Moon was actually a person called Arnora who can BECOME a dog, or sometimes a spider. It's very cool. Arnora magical like Chuckles. Arnora wanted to cross a magical barrier called a
"border". It had magic crystals that hurt. So Nying smashed crystal with lucky rock to get through. Nying sent lucky rock to Chuckles. Hope Chuckles has luck too. Elf riding on griffin came and Arnora nearly died in big fight but Nying rescued Arnora. Found Horse to carry Arnora. Ran away, slept and found lake. Went for swim in lake and got sucked down big, long water tunnel. Nying nearly drowned but Arnora rescued Nying and Horse. Water tunnels led to big city called "Soldra". Tunnels connected to place called "prison". Needed help getting Horse free from tunnels. Got help from 2
"prisoners". Got free into big city. City had festival. "Day of Plenty" and "Day of Sacrifice" they said. "Must sacrifice 1 person a year or dragons will come and kill more people like they did centuries ago" they said. They draw name from big cup. But name was Princess Augustina! "Only heir to the kingdom" they said! Then Arnora had plan. Offered to be sacrifice instead of Princess Augustina. Nying surprised. Nying and Arnora now in castle. Arnora tells Nying she is also called Princess Nawa from "the Empire" (where nest was). She is called "a traitor" and her family are very
bad. Needs "powerful allies" to help her and this was "good opportunity" to get "a favour from the king" if Arnora survived. King Augustin said he would give Arnora many things. So Nying asked to write letter to Chuckles. Nying misses Chuckles. She hopes he found wealth and stories as Chuckles wanted. Nying is scared for Moon/Arnora/Nawa. Call her Moon because Nying likes her lots. Nying will go with Moon to Dragon Peak and try keep Moon safe. Sir Prancelot killed dragon, maybe Nying can too? Chuckles be safe too, okay? Yours, Nying.
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