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Dear Adolphus junior watson ?? You have been wanting me to tell you how I really feel about for a long time ??, so I guess I'll do it and only why I'm doing this because our relationship has been plummeting downhill over this break and it's a new year so I have decided not to be toxic In relationships no more ?? ( I’ll try my hardest ) I was actually going to break up with you over this break negl I was tired of the bs but my heart wouldn’t let me but anyways ye. when I first met
what was my first impression ??i would say I thought you was a confused dick head and didn't know what he wanted in life. But tbh I don't even know why I stuck around when you put me through hell tryms get with you. But yet I still did despite kamecia telling me not too the others girls too and ur crazy ass red flags. But ye what I like about you? ?? I LOVE how you make me laugh or smile when I'm mad at you I LOVE how you can be yourself around me I LOVE how you
make sure I'm ok I love how you make sure you try to improve on the shit I mention that I don't like I love how you let people know I'm your I love how your patient with me I LOVE. How your funny I love how your so fucking smart I LOVE how you walk me too the train station I LOVEEEEEEE YOU IN GENERALLL??I would tell you my fav memory but I every good memory is my fav every last one of them holds a special meaning and place in my heart ??
XoXo ~ baeeee
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