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Dear Adi, Although a letter much like this one should have been given to my adi by hand but its a special day today and a letter sent by hand wouldn't do the job. Happy Birthday adi I'm so excited for today its been half a year since we met and have been together and it feels like i have known you forever. I cannot find the epic words i think of in my mind while writing down something for you, i just have so much love and respect for you in me its hard to put it into a
letter. I love you the most for who you are and who you are when you're with me you really do complete the missing piece in my life and i constantly have you on my mind. all the memories we have made till now will always be my favourite ones all the time i spent with u just feels less but so wholesome, its really all i ever wanted. Maybe if i would've written this letter before we both realized that we might have to part someday then it would be quiet different but now that i know i have
you for just a finite time i think ill write down all there is for me to tell you and try to make you realize how special you are to me. You'll always be my favourite person and even when things go bad with you I'm still glad I'm with you I'm grateful to have you in my life , you really really are the most important person in my life and i cannot imagine my life without you. all that being said i always want the best for you whether I'm by your side or not, i always want
to see you happy and shining just like you deserve. You're the sweetest boy i have met and that will never change..much like my love for you because i am so much in love with you. You're absolutely adorable and i always find myself staring at you right before you come up w "bas ladke dikhwalo padhai toh karni nahi hoti" without realizing how i can look at you for hours for your beautiful eyes and perfect smile apart from your curly hair and pretty nose. The songs we added to our playlists, the shows we watched together , the
movie we fucked to and the seats we sat in, the sweet things you said to me, the places we went to together will always hold a special place in my heart.Holding our hands and walking is my favourite and even though you're so far away from me i still never wanna let go of your hand because i find you in everything i do. The week you came here is the same one when i felt so alive and happy and its just simply just your presence which makes me so happy and stops me from worrying about anything
except your stoooopid dum dum ass. I'd do anything to hug you again and to be like *eye emojis* before kissing you. Being horny with you is the best horny. I'll marry you someday and spend everyday of my life with you if i can without a thought (dahej TU dega compulsorily) Adi you calling me Sanu is perfect perfect and i never get tired of hearing it. Not knowing what the future might hold for us ill never really be ready to give up on us, and for all i know i just hope you know ill always
love you and admire you you'll always be my adi my cutie and my jim and there's nothing that can ever EVER change that. There's too much that ill never be able to say to you too much that i might later regret not saying but thank you for existing Adi you being in my life just makes it better, stick by me as long as you can ill never be ready to lose my soulmate. You're made for me Adi, my first kiss, first time (*blushes*) and all firsts are with you and I'm grateful for it. Today you
turn 18 (pedo) and life for you is different than mine i get to learn a lot from you, look up to you and be better with you. In future seeing you successful and (rich) smiling iS all that i want. Adi I fell in love with the way you look at me, the way you hold me close and make me feel loved, your buddhu ass whos the cutest and how deep down you're my biggest supporter and as afraid to let go of me as much as i am to let go of you. I'm your pumpkin, your
grace, ton coeur, your sanu, your sani, your Alyssa and your pam forever. Youre so precious and me..? Well me, I fall in love with you every single day Happy Birthday my adi Your cutie Sanu
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