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Day 236. Why am I getting talked to, as I am a monster. I tried to talk to some people. All they said, was I just wanted attention, something to be popular for. What am I supposed to do with their words haunting me. A gun or a knife would be easier, but a sack full of words. "Why did you make him suffer because you did this. Because of your dipshit ways." Only if, you saw the ways i had to mentally take care of everything, i didn't know, didn't want him to accept. And if I open my phone. "Poser, Slut, Freak, Cripple!" or another
"im dead" post. People really like to say, that im dead so they can get to my friends and you know. Get them on their side, and i only have 3 friends. Rinna, Circe (believe it or not, her parents are massive Greek Mythology fans like I am.) and Kayna. I found Kayna when I was in the senior after-party. Wasn't the best, but ill take it. right.. 359 calories, might have to start with 90 calories for the rest 4 days.
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