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Hi! Jeric. Happy birthday to you. I want to say that I am delighted because it's your birthday today. If you are not aware, I admired your personality and intelligence. I'm so glad that we've been a friend that I never thought we'd do. And also, my wish for you are to have a healthier body, peace of mind, and more blessings from the sky. Hahaha. And, I am looking forward to your future, it's not pressuring I just know that you will be a successful person, a future electrical engineer because you are "Jeric PLazo" HAHAHA. Am I so
cheesy? sorry? Hahaha. Btw, you know what, I am so grateful to you, kase you make me cheerful every time we talk, laugh, and do all the crazy things we do together. I hope we make again that crazy thing HAHAHA soon. So, see you soon and be healthier and God bless. And whatever your decision in your life as long as it is good for you hahaha I will support you!! I miss you so greatly! Love you lots! Happy Birthday Again ^-^ Love, Cannah
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