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As voyagers hailing from diverse walks of life, you have been granted the privilege to embark on a grand journey, a journey commissioned by the great Kings of the Kingdom of Galar. It is a mission of exploration, discovery, and settlement in a land unknown, a land called Cenulla. In the name of the noble kings, you are entrusted with a momentous task. Your primary objective is to record and document the abundant resources that lie hidden within the uncharted territories of Cenulla. From precious minerals and exotic flora to rare herbs, bountiful forests and till now unseen Pokémon alike, the kingdom
eagerly awaits your detailed reports, which will aid in the prosperity and growth of Galar However, perhaps the most significant duty entrusted to you is the establishment of settlements in this untamed land. The Kings of Galar envision a prosperous future where new communities thrive, built upon the foundations of unity, resilience, and cooperation. With your skills, expertise, and the support of your fellow voyagers, you are tasked with selecting ideal locations, erecting structures, and fostering sustainable environments where people can flourish. In Cenulla, adventure awaits, and the bonds forged in this new land and may fortune favor your endeavors, noble voyagers,
as you embark on this extraordinary odyssey.
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