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As many of you know my mother, Helen LaCroix, passed away on December 5th at the age of 92. I would like to thank all for the outpouring of calls, messages, prayers and support. My mother gave my brothers and I a joyful fun-filled childhood in a working class neighborhood in the Cedarwood section of Waltham. Those were the days when you biked to your friends' houses and called for them to come play ball, ride bikes, or go fishing at the local reservoir. Anyone who happened to be at our kitchen table at meal times was
fed and treated as one of our own. Mom was an animal lover and we housed many pets, including a family of abandoned baby skunks. We nursed them to health before turning them over to animal control. Our pet cat loved to bring home wounded chipmunks. Mom and I took care of them until they were healthy in a blanket-filled box, built just for that purpose. (Our cat was busy). Mom presided over burial ceremonies for our fallen pets, eulogies and all. Cowboys and Indians were a big thing in the 50's as Western
themes raged on TV. Many days my brother Steve and I, with Mom's help, would fend off imaginary Indian tribes invading our living room. Mom, being Annie Oakley, had her own dual pistols, holster, and cowboy hat. Mom believed that there was good in all and that second chances should be allowed for everyone. She taught us not to judge, to mind our own business, to be kind, to forgive, and to move on with no grudges allowed. Mom had that knack of knowing exactly what to say to comfort someone in pain, reminding us that
nothing lasts forever. She was a happy optimistic soul, even when life wasn't. Mom loved her grandkids and many an afternoon of crafts were held at her basement craft station. Every Sunday morning, she and my dad would come to the house with a dozen doughnuts for the kids and a marrow bone for the dog. By the time she passed, Mom had accumulated an extensive collection of friends of all ages. Being friendly, outgoing, and generally interested in hearing the story of your life, she was easy to like. Mom wrote long letters to
her friends and never missed a special occasion. Mom was truly one-of-a-kind and I am sincerely grateful to have had her for my mother. Rest in peace. Mom. Thanks for a job well done.
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