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Art, as we’ve seen it, has been chained to the interpretation of the artist, and the artist has in turn been chained to their presumption of what is expected from them. Whilst expressionists have stressed the portrayal of the subconscious interpretation of the world, in reality they have only stressed their conscious interpretation. Who or what is at fault? RULES, RULES, RULES AND RULES! Whilst our leader has limited our ability to live, expressionists have limited our ability to express. The crux of life has not been able to penetrate the propaganda for the soul in the art of the expressionists.
These chains, created by what we call artists and leaders, must be broken. We must not think about what we create, like they do; our creations must emerge from our most primal relation to the reality of the environment, free from the chains rules create. We are fed up with the sense, rationality and ethics embedded in their works. From these criteria, music has suffered the most. Tempo, attitude and dynamics have been limited to certain ranges to create a feel of oneness, following their trend of chaining our ability to express using rules. In contrast, daily life simultaneously blasts
metallic sounds from the machines and natural noise from conversations into our ears, doing so without taking any rules into account. Music should follow this same pattern of normless combinations of sounds, resemblant with the visual collages fellow dada artists have produced. Music should represent the essence of life, and shouldn’t be some output of a function which is defined by a multitude of rules that challenge the purity of the representation. To achieve this, we must break free from their traditional instruments. Instead we must expand our idea on what suffices as an instrument. A metal tube hitting a
wooden plateau has the same, if not a greater, ability to express as a metal string hitting the wooden body of a guitar. Instruments themselves embed the limitations of music. The frets on a guitar, the keys on a piano, the tuning of the tomb in a drum set. The idea that we can ONLY use these limited tools to create what they call music is nonsense. We have, after all, seen that music has been made with a certain goal in mind; a certain audience. From this idea we must also break free, and by doing so we must
do away with anything that helped enforce this idea. Music shouldn’t mean anything and shouldn’t take anything into account except for the artists' will. The line that separates music and noise must be erased, like the distortion in the portrayal of reality must be erased – we want PURE art, which requires PURE reality. Abolish the notion of music and expand the notion of SOUND. We call to you, musicians that live, to express your ability to live. Produce SOUND that blends in with daily life, but at the same time creates a contrast. Produce SOUND using your instinct, not your
rationale. Produce SOUND that can be found to be beautiful and hideous at the same time. Produce RAW, LIVELY sound! Produce sound that has been freed from the chains that THEY have attached to us!
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