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THE ACTS OF UNION 2020 1.1 It has been agreed that - Phil, Luke, Dan, Clarkey, Twm and Henry - will all be 'admin'. 1.2 No admin can boot another admin without the agreement of all the other admins (minus the agreement of the admin being booted) 1.3 No admin can add or remove admins, without the full agreement of all existing admins at that time 2.1 Admins can boot non-admins as they see fit 3.1 This Act Of Union will create a bond, an unshakeable bond, between all admins. As such, all admins will look to move forward and forget disputes of the past 4.1 The Act of Union is
a binding agreement upon The Ratholers thread. As such, Henry and/or Twm must add all the above-mentioned admin and make them admin immediately. 5.1 Henry must film his shit coming out of his asshole and upload it to The Ratholers
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