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Dear Judge Coleman, I hope you’re having a wonderful afternoon. It has come to me that you’re deciding whether to take the defendants off to a real prison or keep them where they’re currently staying. I would like to discuss a unique changed favor in the case of Abby Brewster & Martha Brewster. To keep things fast cut, it would be rather in the better interest to keep them in ‘Happy Dale’, this is of course controversial, but keep in mind they’re old. Let’s keep everyone in mind here, in their testimonies, it stated that “they we’re only killing old men
just for them to not be lonely anymore”, if anything this is just another stat of them wanting good, ‘Happy Dale’ is well taken care of, this would leave a perspective to the defendants that everybody their are friends, not to mention their son ‘Teddy Roosevelts’ is there to stay with them, taking everything away from them will not only hurt themselves, but their sons as well.
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