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Dear Antoine, How are you friend? It truly has been a long, long while since we'd last spoken- how's everything going? How's Elyna and the kids? For me, I'm doing alright, besides the whole 'lawyer' part of my life: I'll get to that shortly. So, I finally broke up with Julia. No, I am perfectly alright, it was for the better, for the both of us. But really, the thing that's been bugging me the most is this new fellow that I've had to work with, as a attorney; He's been sentenced to a very long time in prison, for the murder of
some Moor, a while back. This is a pretty open-and-close case, just plead insanity, right? He doesn't. And get this, his mother even died! He can use his greif to his advantage! Except, he's 'Monesieur Antichrist' as the Magistrate said- he's an attorney's worst nightmare. But, I'm still trying. So, I've come up with a couple of points I could use in court (please do give feedback): The Moor was found with a blade, and my client could simply be acting in self-defence. Again, I could try convincing this stubborn dog to plead insanity, but his indifference to it all
is really hurting his case, and frankly, my head whenver I try to think about it. Secondly, we can use testimonials from his companions that day to verify points made in the case- in fact, they might even be slightly foggy about the events that took place, and perhaps that despicable Moor started it all, if you catch my drift. Well, Antoine, thank you for listening to my rant: it's quite painfull to hear, really, I know. Please send my love to Pére et Mére, and of course, Elyna and the kids. Lots of love, Tumas
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