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bujjiiii chala miss avthuna ninnu entha antee nak nen lenu anantha just oka body undhi adhi work cheskuntundiii dhantlo na soul kanpadatledhu podhuna nundiii ee room lone unna oka mula edho naa illu kaadhu naa body kaadhu naa lokam kaadhu annatu, oka samudhram motham kuda saripodhu nen polchadaniki i reallyy reallly miss you soooo mucchhhhhh , naa prathi alochana lo prathi panilo needhi kuda oka bagam untadii amma iyou cant even imagine how much my urge is to live with you to fight with you daily mornings for the grasping kiss we do and fights upon the place we want
to go on date , that romantic nights , the late night films , the hugs the kisses , every single moment we do together is the only thing i do wish for , i love you so much bujjiillluuuuu......
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