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shimmering into existence on a golden horizon-an astonishing spectacle like one’s first morning sun like a blazing inferno or a smooth calm ocean. one can’t but stop and stare at Her beauty and prowess. independent but willing to ask for help. like ice crystals, beautiful and fragile. like a cathedral’s stained glass planes, mesmerizingly bright and full of color. she lights up your eyes and floods your brain. like the most deadly poison and the most powerful antidote. she varies widely, her strong stone-like prowess pours into a sincere rain drop, willing to let you hold her. like a golden ray
of sunshine in the late afternoon, you can’t help but welcome her with your mind wide open. She adds and she takes what’s good and what’s bad. nothing more natural than a woman filled with passion. Once she appears and she lets you through her great gate, you now realize her true being. a white light painted across your crimson heart. melting the ice from your pained heart, her power over you can only be described like sun-setting and rising. creating and destroying, she but in her own world lets you stay and be a part of her for eternity.
Where will they go? I can’t possibly imagine. but across the horizon into the night the setting sun disappears. until dawn melt the ice once more
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