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6 digits be thy name, Google Streetview be thy way, To the Business School you start, how many trees, between the road and the path, Continue out, and down the road, what is the first letter of the colour of the streetlights, at St Aidan's Colloge, 300m further, a College be on your right but not left, how many swords are on the crest, Down the bottom of Millhill Ln you now should be, where a brown College is facing thee, To get the answer for this clue four, what is the first letter of the famous Durham landmark that this College resembles, of course, Now
turn to the left, and on the main road to the right, can you count, the number of (traffic) lights, Carry on further, down the hill, where you will encounter more traffic lights still, Yet to open the door, and answer clue six, on the pavement to the left, count the number of colours in the bricks
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