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1 September 2022 My love, in the time we've spent together, I've had the time of my life. It's been filled doing a lot of first time things for me and this letter is one of those things as well. It's been 65 days from the day we started talking to the day I'm writing this letter and every day I've grown closer, and so have my feelings for you. I choose you every day and will continue choosing you. Everything I
do for you, and with you, I do it with love because I care, cherish, and adore all you are to me and for me. You are my girl, my lover, and with your permission; I'd like you to be my girlfriend. We don't know what the future holds but I know I want you in mine, that is my only certainty. When you get this letter, I hope to hear an answer from you. All my love, MayMay
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