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???????????????????????????????????????????????? 00:00 I’ll send letter to u every day if we were living in old ages by kids or animal or anything Now in sending it w digital future N in our future life I don’t know what would i do but i hope u could read all word from my mind whenever u want or u can touch me n hug me whenever u want???????????????????? While im writing these I remmber Last of us game n old ages I wish we met in vintage days n if one day world collapses n end We gonna survive together as baddass couple?????????????????? I always write my letter
w missing u in my headt n all of my love n happiness mithra???????????????? Here is my favorite poem thatbi was reading today : As a crystal so clear?her eyes so pure,?her hair moves like?the gentle waves of the sea.?My desires, my life’s fire?all lies in her,?her eyes showed me what beauty means. I will love you all my life,?I will love you until I die,?and just to love you a little more?I would want to stay alive. All of my Starts in sky will be ur light in dark night cause me n all of things around me want u to be in
my life n shine???????????????????????? Mitraye mn To roshan train setarye mni To tanha jadogare donyai k qalbmo robode Jadoye to cheshmaye bi nahat zibate???????????? Ba eshq Shagahyeghet??
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