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Writing Inspiration

Find your creative spark with Vintage Letter Co’s ‘Writing Inspiration’ category. Explore a wealth of ideas, prompts, and advice to fuel your writing journey. Whether you’re looking for motivation or new perspectives, our curated content will inspire your next piece of writing.

Ancient Scribe

The Rich History of Writing

The idea of writing for a job is not new by any means. Writing has been such an important part of our culture that it is one of the oldest professions, dating back thousands of years to the first civilizations. even in the digital age where handwriting might be on its way out, the idea… Read More »The Rich History of Writing

Handwritten Letter

The Lost Art of Hand Writing

When did you last write something something? Filling out forms or typing them down doesn’t count. Probably a long time as with digital media, handwriting seems to be quickly disappearing. With computers, phones, and tablets readily available, typing provides a new level of convenience and efficiency. Even this blog post was typed out! While typing… Read More »The Lost Art of Hand Writing

Robert Jordan

The Preciousness of Mortality

Although fantasy has often been regarded as kids’ stuff by many in the writing community, the genre has proven itself capable of tackling important themes just as well and even better than other types of fiction. From the political intrigue of A Song of Ice and Fire to the religious themes of the Chronicles of… Read More »The Preciousness of Mortality

Appreciation Letter

How to Let Someone Know You Really Appreciate Them in a Letter

There are many ways to tell someone how much they matter to you.  But finding the right words that sound authentic and from the heart can sometimes be difficult. One approach to convey your feelings sincerely is through simple, genuine gestures. Sometimes, a warm smile, a comforting hug, or just spending quality time with someone… Read More »How to Let Someone Know You Really Appreciate Them in a Letter

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