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Vintage Poems

In Flanders Field

Art in War: In Flanders Field

Many people often say that art equates to suffering and those who create the best art are those who are tortured souls. While this isn’t necessarily true, there have been some cases where the most beautiful works were created in the darkest places. There are few periods as dark in human history as the World… Read More »Art in War: In Flanders Field

Mark Twain

Poetry of Mark Twain Against the Philippine-American War

There are few American writers as well-known and prolific as Mark Twain. His works effectively encapsulate the issues of the time such as the fight for workers’ rights, the fallout of the American Civil War, most relevant to this post, America’s growing imperialism. These are issues that have shaped the United State’s history throughout the… Read More »Poetry of Mark Twain Against the Philippine-American War

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