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Famous Writers

Explore the lives and works of famous writers with Vintage Letter Co. Delve into the stories, letters, and creative processes of renowned authors. Discover insights and inspiration from the literary greats who have shaped the world of literature.

a raisin in the sun

A Raisin in The Sun – Summary, Analysis, and Themes by Lorraine

On this day, in 1959, playwright and author Lorraine Hansberry produced her famous work, “A Raisin in the Sun”. This would become the first play produced on Broadway by an African-American woman. This work would follow the Younger family as they try to escape poverty after receiving a $10,000 insurance check. This play would become… Read More »A Raisin in The Sun – Summary, Analysis, and Themes by Lorraine

Sellsword Riddle

The Riddle of the Sellsword

George RR Martin’s work, A Song of Ice and Fire became famous for its political machinations and stunning action scenes. Less spoken about are some of the highly quotable lines, quotes, and sayings that make you stop and think of their meaning and how we look at things. but to understand how the Game of… Read More »The Riddle of the Sellsword

Tolkien vs Shakespeare

Macbeth and Tolkein

There is little doubt that two of the most famous writers in the Western World are William Shakespeare and John Ronald Reuel Tolkien aka J. R. R. Tolkien. Their works have shaped many modern movies, books, and TV shows that we enjoy today. But they had also taken influence from each other as many ideas… Read More »Macbeth and Tolkein


Herodotus on the Effects of War

In ancient history, few figures are as famous as the Greek writer Herodotus. His works have become famous summarizing the history of Greece and Persia and their eventual war. This has made him one of the go-to sources for people learning about this period. However, in recent years his historical accuracy has come into question.… Read More »Herodotus on the Effects of War

Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson’s Advice About Learning on the Job

Brandon Sanderson is quickly becoming a rising star within the fantasy genre. His Cosmere universe has been regarded as one of the most unique and fascinating worlds in fiction, containing multiple book series including the Mistborn and Stormlight Archives. His series contain unique abilities and powers that have helped set them apart from other fantasy… Read More »Brandon Sanderson’s Advice About Learning on the Job

Robert Jordan

The Preciousness of Mortality

Although fantasy has often been regarded as kids’ stuff by many in the writing community, the genre has proven itself capable of tackling important themes just as well and even better than other types of fiction. From the political intrigue of A Song of Ice and Fire to the religious themes of the Chronicles of… Read More »The Preciousness of Mortality

The Insight of Elizabeth Moon

Although not as well known in the fiction world as some of her contemporaries such as Geroge RR Martin and Robert Jordan, writer Elizabeth Moon has made her splash in the genre with her works such as The Deed of Paksenarrion and Serrano Legacy (Familias Regnant). While she doesn’t delve into politics as much in… Read More »The Insight of Elizabeth Moon


How To Fall In Love With A Book

In the modern landscape of publishing, the internet and its decentralized nature has made publishing your book easier than ever. This means even writers with relative little experience but large audiences could be able to publish their works. Take John Greene for example. Although more well known for his hit educational YouTube series, Crash Course,… Read More »How To Fall In Love With A Book

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