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Allow up to 3-4 days for each review

Must have’s

  1. Only use black/white photos if color doesn’t exist
  2. 350-word count (Quoted or copied text doesn’t count towards word, – post should have at least 250 words)
  3. Commentary needs to be added before or after each quote

2nd Batch Feedback

  • The music tag is removed, use ‘musicians’ instead
  • Frida tag is removed, use full names
  • The ‘Writers’ tag is removed, use the category ‘Famous Writers’ instead
  • Don’t write racially sensitive topics or topics that are far out of line with the product selling.  I can’t use the MLK post.
  • Still missing commentaries on quotes, place a commentary on each quote. Don’t put more than 1 quote in a row without commentary.

1st Batch Feedback

  1. Required tags if applicable:  [Name of person], [Century or (contemporary], [Era], [Type of writer +]
  2. Try to avoid making too strong of statements that audience members could disagree with.  Or use the words “Sometimes” “Often” or “Seems to be” etc to soften the statement.
  3. Remember that the purpose of the blog is to motivate, inspire, and encourage the user to go to the main site and purchase their own letter to write and send to someone.
  4. Addons (these are additional options they can pay for to be included with their letter/envelope purchase)
    • Wax Seal –  Red with the user’s choice of Letter (ie A, B, C, etc)
    • Lipstick Kiss (stamp) – on the outside of the envelope or on the letter itself
    • Photo insert – A black and white photo that the user can upload to be included in the envelope with their letter.
    • Floral insert –  A pressed flower or mini rose can be included in the envelope with their letter.
    • Scented –  A spray of musk or floral scent can be added to their envelope/letter.
    • Candy – A heart-shaped sucker can be included in the envelope
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